Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Test Films

Today i got back three films which where test films for cameras i bought a good few months back now. i actualy have about 40 36 exposure films needing developed, however due to lack of funds at the moment i can only get a few done at a time. i was staying optomistic about the results on these films however i am fully chuffed with the results. they where test films for a voigtlander VITO CLR, a Kodak Colorsnap 35 and a Yashica Minister iii. al where good even though my voigtlander has a bit of a winding on problem. i couldnt believe the qulaity of the negs from the very basic coloursnap which only cost me 99 pence, and the yashica negs are of amazing quality. i may have found a new favourite camera. anyways, im not sure how meny people read this if any at all, but i will be posting examples most probably tomorrow and im also heading straight back to the kodak shop to hand in more films i cant wait like.

watch this space and thanks for reading