Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Hotel in London

Cheap and Cheerful, with just enough room for your bed

"Behind a Dogs Ears"

Cant quite decide wether to title this "Behind a Dogs Ears" or "From Behind The Dogs Ears"

Chinese Church in Sandyford

Chinese Church in Sandyford. I think its a Chinese Church.

Micha in a Summer Spoons

Micha in spoons during last summer. Before everyone moved away.

Pippa in Spoons

pippa in spoons having a drink with a few mates, summer before everyone moved away again

Near The Compost

"Near The Compost" taken in Arlecdon on the Kodak Colorsnap 35

Yashica Minister III Test Film

These are just four of the test shots from a roll of film that was full of great quality images. the rolls for my yashica minister III. out of the three cameras i bought i feel the results from this camera are probably the best however each of them have their own qualitys. i will be uploading more of the shots from this roll of film soon. so keep your eyes peeled.

Kodak Colorsnap 35 test film LOMO

As stated in the previous post due to the lack of a focusing view finder on the colorsnap 35 its mainly guess work so you often get shots like the above. however i think they have their own charecter and they where fun to take.

Kodak Coloursnap 35mm Test Films

Here you can see some of my kodak colorsnap 35 test shots, as you can see the images again are quite grainy and very basic. however this is no suprise considering how basic the colorsnap 35 is. there is no focusing viewfinder on the camera you simply look straight through a little hole and then have to guess the distance in feet and set the lens to your guess. this makes it hit and miss with focusing however it does make the camera a good little lomo camera. i will be posting some images from this test film which look quite lomo just to show how it could be used in that way. either way its a fun little camera to use and i will be taking lots more shots with it over the comming months and eventualy summer as it is easy to carry around with you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Test Films

Today i got back three films which where test films for cameras i bought a good few months back now. i actualy have about 40 36 exposure films needing developed, however due to lack of funds at the moment i can only get a few done at a time. i was staying optomistic about the results on these films however i am fully chuffed with the results. they where test films for a voigtlander VITO CLR, a Kodak Colorsnap 35 and a Yashica Minister iii. al where good even though my voigtlander has a bit of a winding on problem. i couldnt believe the qulaity of the negs from the very basic coloursnap which only cost me 99 pence, and the yashica negs are of amazing quality. i may have found a new favourite camera. anyways, im not sure how meny people read this if any at all, but i will be posting examples most probably tomorrow and im also heading straight back to the kodak shop to hand in more films i cant wait like.

watch this space and thanks for reading

Monday, February 7, 2011


Cat and Dog R.I.P

Me two Uni marras Cat and Dog. Rest in Piece

Cat and Dog's first home,,,

Cat and Dogs first cage outside my back door in arlecdon, they had just got a new bigger cage

Worn out film for a worn out building....both still have purpose

Roof Frame 2

The roof of the garage as it was being taken down

Roof Frame 1

Garage roof before flats and shop.....

The roof of the garage before they took it all down and made it into flats and shops

Cheviot Road Watchmen

He was there for years...I wonder if he still is?

steel shutter

Shutter door of a garage that once stood right outside our house